Things are getting serious. Here we are – sitting here in Chitwan, the jungle of Nepal, saving energy and preparing for our very last – but maybe most exhausting and challenging chapter.

For that, we choose to go on the Annapurna circuit trek, including the highest lake on the world “Lake Tilicho” and the highest pass on the world “Thorong La Pass”.
Still, there are 2 days left to start our biggest challenge here in Nepal. So – till than I will write you just a little hint of what faced us during the last few days after the crazy-adventurous trip to Jumla.
Back to Bhaktapur we decided – first of all – to get a shower. Washing of the dirt of nearly 8 days seemed like a good first plan. But no time to rest too long – the following days, we were busy with shooting one of the most sensitive chapters: “Political Victim”. Getting closer into this section, in a developing country like Nepal, really was frustrating in many parts. As we all know. Corruption occurs everywhere – BUT what we faced here in Nepal – really sounds like a bad nightmare. For those who are quite well informed about the political situations here – I just throw out some keywords, in order to keep this post short:
– violently forced dependency on India
– Huge water resources, but no possession on that
– governmental corruption
– women rights
– earthquake relief problems
– donation problems
– cast system
– education … etc.
But, the best information is always given through a person, who lives in the system itself and talks about it openly. For that we interviewed our friend Saroj, a social activist in Bhaktapur.
No more words needed – but keep in focus this chapter will be really strong.
Anyways, our next post will be filled with amazing pictures of the mountain chain of the Annapurna region. “Homebird” – 16 days of joyful effort – long hours of walking and finding the best spots for shooting – walking, hiking and if necessary crawling