The time passes by and so does our documentary. We spent the last two weeks in the remote Jumla and Chitwan regions and filmed our female and “Jhakri” (Shaman) parts…

While being in these ancient places we experienced one of the most stunning natural environments I have ever seen. Imagine a rainforest on top of an unbelievable huge mountain chain and in-between an endless valley with a glacier river surrounded by thousands of rise fields.
That is the closest description I can give, but it doesn’t come near to the beauty at all. Our female chapter is almost finished and because of all the helping hands, it was a blast to shoot. On the other hand it was confusing and sometimes frightening to see the huge gap between woman rights in developed countries and such regions like Jumla. It feels like traveling 50 years back in time where people still think a man is worth more then a woman. The more detailed explanation follows in the documentary in 2016! :).
After facing the “woman” chapter we went on to the Chitwan region, where our Jhakri waited for us. Exactly at this time Nepal celebrated his biggest festival called “Dashain” which basically means that every single person in this country gets busy and chaos comes to shine. You can imagine that people don’t really care about a documentation in such times, so our schedule was tight and forced us to shoot the Jhakri fast, concentrated and good. Somehow it worked out and we are happy to even had the chance to get close to this interesting person.
All in all was this a very exiting trip and we are looking forward to finish our last chapter with the Sherpa in the Mount Everest region. Therefore we go on a 20 days Trek alongside with our protagonist. Another big adventure awaits us!