Good bye smokey, dusty, crowded and indescribable L O U D Kathmandu! After our great and informative „Cultural Education Seminar“ – Homebird felt ready to spread the wings.

On the 15th of September we travelled in a shaky little bus to our next destination – Pokhara.
Pokhara is so much different than the capital city Kathmandu, it´s calm, natural, clean and people seem more chilled. For us the Phewa Lake is kind of mystic, in daytime you can escape the hot sun and in nightime it turns into a black – but amazing mysterious fairy tale land.
In the first 3 days we managed a lot of great milestones for our project. We found and already finished our very first interview here in Nepal. Thanks to the kindness of the tibetian monks, the amazing help of Tshering and the will of „Homebird“ we re shooting now our candidate in a tibetian monastry nearby Pokhara. But interviews need preperation and reseaches.
So we were invited to get to know the Buddhism way of life. „Our“ Monk lead us not only through the different meditation halls and rooms of the monastry, he also guided us through a hint of Buddhism philosophy.
Staying with the monks is an indescribable feeling. For sure it´s just a glimpse through the keyhole – but we will give you thoughts of a world filled with spiritual philosophy.
We spend 3 days in the monastry to soak up this feelings and emotions and try to capture the interview in the most real and respected way. Be excited for a chapter filled with pure whisdome and love and simplicity
So what´s next?
We will hike to a village called Ghandruk, where we will capture footage for our chapter, which is dedicated to „the woman“ – we will wait for epic sunsets and wake up for fantastic sunrises –