Its been 11 days since we arrived in Nepal, and yet we have experienced so many things like goats on scooters, a himalaya flight, violent demonstrations, nepali food, poverty, death rituals, cows on freeways or spiritual moments –

– just to name a few. As exiting these adventures where, nothing came close to the pleasure of getting new friendships. So many people helped us so far, although we are total strangers to them. They offer a helping hand in our daily struggle and especially referred to the documentary, they are a huge support. We already got really close to to these amazing people and can feel the deep bond between us. Of the bottom of my heart i want to say „Thank you so much, for believing in us and others – you are wonderful!“
This is one of the important things that you generally learn on a trip, that leads you away from the modernized life we are used, towards places where little is still enough. There are people who are true and sincere, without ulterior motives. I dont talk about the locals that live in these countries, they already own that title, no… this goes directly to the people who actually made their choice to live there. They are the hidden helpers who work behind the scenes and change things. Their eyes and ears are always there for everybody who is in trouble. To those people you can rely even if you met them just 10 minutes ago and the same around. Im am honestly proud of them.
Hopefully You already had the pleasure to meet such incredible persons. If you already have, then give them the biggest hug ever, if not, preserve this one special hug, because if you are open minded, then they will find you anyways. 
greetings to all of you, there is more to come.

Namaste Simon