The way of life for Hindus and Buddhists is really different than our european way. But not only life, also the way this cultures celebrate death is different for us – maybe even confusing. It´s said, when you die…

… the mortal body and the immortal spirit is separated.The body – as a Shell – is left behind, but the spirit finds another form, which suits the present state of it´s “karma”.
A bad karma means a bad “shell” in a bad surrounding. A spirit with a good karma, gets reborn in a better body, in a better surrounding and as well in a higher conscious level. So as you see, death in Nepal is not as sorrowfull as it is in our world. Don´t understand me wrong, it is absolut emotional, but Nepali people believe in reincarnation and hope, that the spirit of the dead body finds a better „home“.
Today we faced that experience very very real. On our “new” Scooter, we managed hell of a drive to find the well known and sacred “Pashupatinath Temple”/ Kathmandu. Read more here: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/nepal/kathmandu-pashupatinath
We spent quiet a while in this temple. Watching dead bodies getting burned. Seeing this is quiet unusual and, yeah, as well a little distracting, cause the locals even encourage you to take pictures of the burning bodies.
Speaking for me – I the same view of life: the body is our shell – we are defined through the spirit. But I have a lot of respect for my body – for every body. So I might need a time to process this ceremonies in the right way.
In this temple, we also met a real Sadhu. Yes, a real one – not one of those fake ones, sitting outside of the temple and begging for money, just to buy themselves more really bad, over fertilized hashish. Our Sadhu “Shiva Raja Giri” allowed us to drink chai with him, to talk to him and to listen to his philosophy of the world. He told us about his many lifes and that he is a warrior – fighting against MONSANTO. Do it holy man! I am on your sacred side!
Next plans: shooting more B-Roll, getting to know more about nepali culture, and winning against monsanto.