So, here we are. After nearly 18h of flight (which includes freezing waiting time in
the „slightly“ expensive Airport of Muscat) we arrived save but overwhelmingly tired our „Homeland“ for the next 3month… Kathmandu.

I still need to work up the incredible view out of the plain to the H U G E Himalayan mountain chain. I mean, I am living right in the middle of the Alps – but honestly: THE HIMALAYA!!!!!!
Whilst Simon was still suffering and fighting to stay awake, cause I gave him a little sleeping pill (maybe too late), we tried to find our helper and friend Laxmi.
That amazing woman turned out to be a great help for us here in Nepal. As she has her own hiking company, she kind of know every tiny spot here.
And here we are – tired, wasted and overwhelmed.
Our first impressions:
Kathmandu, with it´s 1,3 Million people is crowded, loud and smells interesting. ^^
But people are smiling a lot and really friendly. We re staying in a street á la „Khao San Road“ – where people seem to communicate through honking.
One thing, we really recognized is the distracted effect of the quake.
„There are more aggressive people than before. There is appreciable loss.“ so Laxmi
During the next few days, we will get used and explore more about the city.
And for sure, continuously work on the project.
Let´s make it happen.

Namaste Angi