Since we decided to start a complete crowdfunding campain on Kickstarter, we had to shoot a video that explains our whole Projekt and gives us a chance that people support the film by funding money.

Therefore, we climbed the mountains in a place called Lofer – Austria, and met the kindharted and charming man, Gelu. As a nepali he was our first choice for the video, because he as a local really understands the value of our journey.
He was very supportive and did a great Job. Soon we all gonna see him in our upcoming Kickstarter video!
Just to tell the truth, it was one hell of a trip, climbing this mountain. As a natural couchpotato i probably sweated 20 liters, and here and there i thought „Simon, its time to reach for the light and leave this beautiful world“, while Angi was having a relaxing summerwalk in her fantasy advanture land!?!? (i think austrien people are some sort of immune to physical effort.)
Well..somehow i managed to restore my hidden Hulk supplies and climbed that mountain. Although you couldnt see straight to your hands because of the mist,
it was a really great experience, meeting new people and overcoming my limits.
Stay tuned. There is more to come.

Cheers Simon