Finally we managed to finish our webpage for our project „Homebird“.
I am V E R Y excited to write the first view lines and to be the one, who informs you about state of the project…

Simons camera-heart is beating for his new Lumix GH4 – don´t really see that guy without his great little DSLM cam. Taking pictures from every little stone lying arround and trying to get the best settings down for September.
( !!!! why is time going by so fast ??? )
Today we will put our first Testpictures online – just for you my friends.
As for me, I am trying to get everything organized…
Equipment, Clothings, Visa, Flights, Authorities, Finances, Food for my hungry friend, Doc. stuff, … and most importantly communication with our great protagonists and helpers in Nepal.
We will update our blog on a weekly basis, so you will get to know all the great, adventurous, crazy, busy, foreign, exciting and most important facts about the latest status of Project Homebird.
For now, enjoy the day and stay tuned

Cheers Angi